Karate is a method of physical exercise as well as mental discipline. It exercises all major groups, including the developing of strength, coordination and agility. This style of Martial Arts is known for it's rigorous training, strong discipline, and dedication to self-improvement.

With Dojos Ken USA, individuals, as well as the entire family, can learn to defend themselves in a safe and friendly environment. We offer children, teenager, and adult classes.

It is important that our youth can make the right decisions, be educated, and defend themselves when the situation arises. With the Children's program, they will develop flexibility, coordination, sportsmanship, and confidence. They will also learn to and begin to develop motor skills and fundamental disciplines that will help them to succeed in all aspects. Positive training encourages children to want to succeed. You will notice a substantial gain in self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem within your kid. As well as a reduction in anxiety, hostility, and bullying related problems.

With the Teenager/Adult program you will learn to defend yourself, 
recognize bad situations, and make the right decisions to keep you and your family safe. Through disciplined training you will learn to break bad habits, stay motivated, set and achieve goals, and treat others with respect. You will also learn leadership skills that you will carry through your everyday life. As well as noticing an improvement in your ability to handle stress and the ability of making the right choices at the right time.

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