This system or style dates back to the 1400s even though it did not become known until a century later, when its teaching became public. The Port of Tumai was a mandatory stop point for many boats, where contraband and fighting abounded. From there, Kempo was born, and so it follows that this system for  its origin, is clearly a combative martial art. Our style of karate maintains a balance of techniques between arms and legs; 50% of punches and 50% of kicks. It is a very traditional style with low and accustomed stances, as well as powerful and effective blows with much use of the waist. The essence of our style allows us to reach a perfect balance between a physical, mental and spiritual development. Discipline, Respect and Education are the fundamental base of ZEN SHO SHORINJI KENPO NO TUMAI-TI.

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ZEN SHO: Concentration of body and mind.
KEN: Fist.
PO: System.
NO: Of.
TUMAI-TI: Port of Okinawa.