Sensei Nelson Daniel Nakazato was born in 1969 in the city of Concepcion, Province of Tucuman, Argentina. He initiated his career in karate at the age of 5 on his own free will. But, it wasn't easy as he thought it would be, his father would only allowed him to start learning karate under one condition: he had to prove that he was serious, ready and committed to start his journey.

After many years of training, he received his Black Belt First Dan at the age of 18. With permission granted by Sensei Shigeo Nakazato, he inaugurated his first Dojo at the age of 21 years old in the city of Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina where he continues teaching to this day. In addition, he became the Sensei in charge of teaching at the Hombu Dojo located in Caballito, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Being the son of grandmaster Sensei Shigeo Nakazato, he had the pleasure and honor to have spent time and trained alongside some of the most influential figures in the martial arts world, not only in the Okinawan-Argentine community, but as well as renowned gradmasters and karatekas from Okinawa such  as Sensei Kinjo Kenichi, Sensei Shingo Chibana, Sensei Shimpo Matayoshi, and celebreties including Sho Kosugi.


After the passing of Sensei Shigeo Nakazato in 2014, he was awarded the rank of 7th  Dan and given the recognition of Head Instructor of Dojos Ken schools. Currently, he oversees all Dojos Ken branches  and is looking to expand internationally with the possibility of bringing the style back to its roots, Okinawa- Japan.


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