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DATE: 4/6/24

TIME: 11:30 AM T0 12:30 PM

FEE: $20- CASH


Making Origami


Embark on a journey of creativity with our enchanting Origami Workshop! This event is not just about paper folding; it's an opportunity to enhance fine motor skills, boost patience and concentration, and create beautiful origami masterpieces.

Open to All!

Whether you're a Dojo member or not, everyone is welcome! Feel free to bring along a friend or relative for a shared creative experience.



Akiko Soejima, a native japanese, is a master in both, the traditional art of Shodo "calligraphy" and the intricate craft of origami. Her journey as a calligrapher began in her homeland, where she dedicated herself to the art, refining her skills over many years. Akiko has now embraced Florida as her home, where she passionately shares her love for calligraphy and the fascinating world of origami with students of all ages.

As a versatile and creative individual, Mrs. Soejima also delved into the art of origami, honing her skills independently. She now offers beginner- advanced level classes in both Shodo and Origami, conducting sessions in both Japanese and English to make her knowledge accessible to a broader audience.


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